Visiting Stories

    Michael & Delta

    ”I try to get to [facility name] every week … The people there are fantastic – staff and residents alike. Delta loves going there and gets excited when she sees me grab the little backpack. We’ve made some special friends amongst the residents.

    Sometimes when I’m feeling a bit down I grab Delta and we go visit and I’m always refreshed when we leave. And for some of the poor dears, we’re their only visitors. Makes me glad my Mum is as independent as she is…

    Delta’s contact made a gentleman laugh and talk, which the OT said was amazing – normally, he just sat there doing/saying nothing… We go sit with a special lady called Win – somehow struck a chord in each other. And one of the ladies in the lock-away section cries and thinks I’m her son. I guess the normal things become special?”

    Sandy & Bo

    imgpierre”Bo had a lovely visit at the hospital today. There was one patient who was passing on. Very sad. There were three lady visitors – the patient’s daughters. They were crying and upset but asked Bo to go in to see them while we were passing by the room. Bo went right past them, walked very slowly up to the lady on the bed and ever so gently touched her hand. Then he sniffed each of the ladies in turn and had a big hug and cuddle. Then we quietly went on our way.

    Visiting where we do, can sometimes bring sad times, but it is heartening to know Bo can bring some comfort even in those moments. In the next ward we met a very lively lady who had owned Collies in her childhood. She happily chatted about her memories of her dogs. She spoke of them all with great fondness. Like all of us in AC another true doggy person. Bo greeted her with a big tail wag and a kiss. Its funny how these fur kids know.

    We went downstairs and I was going to purchase a cuppa and a rewarding bit of carrot cake for Bo. Why not, he had worked hard and done a wonderful job today. But we became sidetracked by three other lovely ladies who wanted to cuddle him and say hello. We ended up walking out to the car park with them and I brought His Lordship home because he looked a little tired. I can hear him snoring from the next room, so being cuddled obviously takes a lot out of a guy :)”

    Jodie & Anna

    “I have been a little despondent lately that visits were becoming increasingly hard work, but this weekend was a breakthrough! Many of the residents remembered Anna and I for the very first time, and offered conversation and stories freely (also for the first time!) I took a banana and lots of people in the lounge got a real kick out of seeing a dog eat fruit. Many of the ladies were knitting blankets for a children’s charity and had lovely stories. A sweet lady named Carol saved her biscuits from morning tea and had them wrapped in a serviette when we came to her room – all ready to share with Anna.

    The old boys made jokes about my age and gave me a hard time about not being married yet, one offered his help if I couldn’t find anyone…

    I particularly loved a conversation with 92 yr old Madge, who told me all about her eight children and her husband. “Eight children!” I exclaimed. “Yes” she said, “I think I know what caused it too…” she leaned right into me, giggled and said quietly “…sex”. I pretended to be shocked and I laughed – she though it was really funny, it was hilarious having this conversation with a woman that has always told me about the time she got bitten by a horse… and all of a sudden she comes out with this!!

    Everyone was in such good spirits that I couldn’t leave and our visit lasted for over two hours. It was truly heart warming that they remembered Anna and I and I can’t wait to go back.”

    Monty & Cheryl

    imgcheryk“I got quite a buzz a couple of weeks ago, when the staff told me that a few of the residents start asking on a Wednesday (Friday is our visiting day) when Monty and Cheryl are coming. On that particular day, one dear resident was waiting outside the electric gate (at the entrance) for us. She grabbed hold of Monty as we got out of the car, gave him a massive hug, then me and said to me “thank god you’ve come”. I nearly burst into tears (with emotion). It made me realise that I hope I never have to “hang up the lead” as I feel our visits are much more meaningful than I could have ever imagined.”