What We Offer

    imgfacilitiesAnimal Companions offers therapeutic visits by accredited volunteers and their dogs to people in aged care facilities, public and private hospitals, palliative care, mental health and special needs facilities, schools, universities and other organisations. Each accredited team provides regular, non-judgemental visits to a facility, bringing pleasure to residents, staff, families and visitors. Most teams provide Animal Assisted Activities, but some may work with health professionals in a facility to provideĀ Animal Assisted Therapy.

    Members and their dogs are assessed to ensure they have what it takes to go visiting. Training is provided for volunteers at a half-day workshop, and an experienced buddy accompanies the new volunteer team on their first visit to their facility. Each accredited team is covered by Animal Companions for public liability insurance and volunteer insurance.

    The timing and frequency of visits depend on the availability of the volunteer and the requirements of the facility. Many volunteers have work or other commitments, so while some may visit once a week, others may visit fortnightly or less often. Some facilities have more than one visiting team, and some volunteers visit more than one facility.

    Volunteer National Police Certificate Program

    The Department for Communities, together with the Western Australian Police Force, has developed a program enabling eligible Western Australian volunteers and volunteering organisations to receive a Volunteer National Police Certificate at a reduced fee per volunteer checked. The program includes any organisation involving volunteers, including state government and private sector organisations. The program is designed to help organisations adequately screen volunteers working in positions where they provide services to vulnerable people (i.e. children and young people, people with disabilities and seniors).

    If your facility requires a Police Clearance for one of our visiting volunteers please see Volunteer National Police Certificate

    Please note that Animal Companions is not able to apply for a Volunteer National Police Certificate on your facility’s behalf. The checks are not currently portable from one organisation to another and the information can only be used by your facility and the volunteer.